Annual Pricing

                        A & B Docks: 1st & 2nd payments $1,700.00 each, 3rd payment $36/ft (taxable)

                        C Dock: 1st & 2nd payments $1,800.00 each, 3rd payment $36/ft (taxable)

                        East Side of D Dock: 1st & 2nd payments $1,900.00 each, 3rd payment $36/ft (taxable)

                        West Side of D Dock: 1st & 2nd payments $2,100.00 each, 3rd payment 36/ft (taxable)

**C and D Dock Electric/Water Surcharge: $50.00 due with 1st Payment** 


                 First payment is due January 30

                 Second payment is due April 30

                 Third payment is due July 30

This lease agreement is subject to the following terms & conditions:

1.  Application is hereby made to Sutter’s Canandaigua Marina, Inc. for the use of a boat slip, trailer/cradle storage (if needed) and winter storage space.  I acknowledge that this is a lease only and the relationship of landlord/tenant is not created by this lease.  I agree that it is my responsibility to monitor the condition of the boat, its dock lines, tarps, covers and overall disposition while in the slip and stored.  I agree to furnish the dock lines, snubbers, etc. required by the Marina while the boat is in the slip. 

2.  It is agreed that there will be NO fueling of boats with carry on fuel containers.

3.  It is agreed that the customer will ensure the vessel is covered by adequate hull insurance and protected for bodily injury and property damages sufficient to protect their interests.  It is understood that the Marina is not responsible for vandalism to, or theft of, customer’s boat or property.  There will be NO occupancy of a slip or storage space by anyone other than the customer without written permission of the Marina.  Any vacated slip or storage space will revert back to the Marina.  It is agreed that slip assignments are made at the sole discretion of the Marina. ANY SLIP NOT RESERVED WITH THE INITIAL PAYMENT BY JANUARY 30 WILL REVERT BACK TO THE MARINA.

4. The Marina is given express permission to move any and all boats, or other items, as needed in all circumstances.  It is also agreed that the customer will compensate the Marina for all costs incurred in moving the customer’s boat, or other items, from causing imminent danger. Any items not in use are required to be stored in your boat, or elsewhere, other than in the water attached to your boat.

5.  Failure to comply with Marina rules may result in the termination of this agreement.  The Marina reserves the right to terminate this agreement by presenting notice to the customer, in writing, 24 hours prior to such termination.  The cause of termination shall be based on non-compliance with the agreement and/or Marina rules. 

6.   It is agreed that the boat, etc. will be secured in the slip in such a manner as to safeguard the boat, etc. and any other person or property that can be injured/damaged by improper securing methods.  It is incumbent on the customer to periodically inspect the boat’s disposition in the slip to assure that all is secured.  THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT PRIOR TO AND DURING PERIODS OF INCLEMENT WEATHER.  The Marina cannot be held responsible for damage and/or injury caused by unsafe conditions.  The customer agrees to compensate the Marina for any material and labor expended to correct an obvious hazard.  (Example: broken dock line)

            a) There will be no lines tied to the dock pylons.

            b) Use of mooring snubbers is mandatory on dock lines on C & D docks.

            c) The minimum dock line diameter for C & D docks will be 5/8”. 

7.  The customer will be responsible for any and all costs incurred by the Marina for delinquent account collections.  All invoices are due within 30 days unless otherwise noted. A late fee of 1.5% will be charged for all invoices 30 days past due.

8.  If the customer’s boat is equipped with a stern drive, the customer will supply an appropriate locking device, or contract to have one installed by the Marina.  The customer will also supply the Marina with keys for the boat’s ignition, and any trailer locking device, or agree to a $20 fee to have the Marina proceed without them.

9. It is agreed that any trailer/cradle storage will be provided for a fee of $100, plus tax.  It is also agreed that any trailer/cradle associated with the customer’s boat, etc. will have the customer’s name clearly marked.  The customer is responsible for maintaining good condition of the trailer/cradle.  The Marina reserves the right to refuse to store or use any defective trailer/cradle.

I agree that I am responsible for all three payments detailed on the front of this agreement, regardless of when I enter into or terminate Marina services, and whether or not I store my boat with the Marina for the entire year.

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