If boats are not being stored, they must be picked up within 7 days of service.

* Customer must remove all tape, etc. and loosen rigging or incur $50 charge.

Winter Storage Lease

  1. I agree to store my boat and trailer (if applicable) at the prices outlined, and that the boat and trailer (if applicable) to be stored are the same as described on the front of this lease.
  2. Winter Storage is leased for the boat and trailer (if applicable) described on the front of this lease only, with no right of sublease.
  3. I agree to remove any and all personal items from the boat prior to storage. I may elect to have the Marina perform this task for me for due consideration.
  4. If my boat is equipped with a stern drive, I will supply an appropriate locking device, or contract to have one installed by the Marina. I will also provide the Marina with keys for the boat’s ignition, storage and any trailer locking device, or I agree to pay $40 per key to have the Marina proceed without them.
  5. The term of this lease begins the date the Marina takes possession of the boat and trailer (if applicable).
  6. I agree to pay any and all costs incurred by the Marina for delinquent account collections. All invoices are due within 30 days unless otherwise noted.
  7. As owner of the boat and trailer (if applicable), I agree to provide any liability and/or comprehensive insurance necessary and sufficient to protect my interests. It is acknowledged that the Marina does not insure the Lessee’s property.


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